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Shower pans are shipped via UPS. Most pans will be cut into 2-4 sections for convenient shipping.

A common occurrence when cutting down a typical pre-formed shower pan is the formation of a curved perimeter caused by cutting into the sloped section of the pan.

All of our shower pans are made with a uniform thickness perimeter. As long as your subfloor is level, your shower pan will also be level.

Our shower pans are configured to accept any common bond flange drain. For linear drains, check out with a “Unique” shower pan and supply the drain specs in your drawing.

Most online orders are manufactured and shipped same day. However, please allow 48 business hours.

EPS is a suitable substrate for any of the common surface applied waterproofing membranes including liquid and sheet applied.

As always, check your waterproofing manufactures specs to be sure.

Yes! Contact us for special pricing on orders of 10 or more.

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